Welcome! Sit back and relax as the splash screen displays and My E-mail Spider loads.

Begin by entering your search terms, then clicking on the Start button.

My E-mail Spider will begin searching Google (or Yahoo!) for matching sites, and the scans each of those sites for e-mail addresses. When it finds addresses, it lists them for you.

When you're ready, you can export those e-mail addresses - ready for use in your mail merge.

: Once you've collected the e-mail addresses, you're ready to roll!

You can simply click "View Database" to locate the Access database, and perform a simple Microsoft Word mail merge. Or click the "Export Emails" button to export the e-mail addresses in any of three popular file formats.

: My E-mail Spider stores all of its data in the universal Microsoft Access file format. That means you can connect straight into your results from ANY virtually application!

Want to send out customized e-mail messages? Just launch Microsoft Word and run a mail merge.

Can you believe it costs LESS than the price of a decent lunch to purchase My E-mail Spider?

We’re talking about a program here that can boost your business, rocket your search engine rankings, and put you in instant contact with THOUSANDS of exciting individuals around the globe.
It's the ULTIMATE Web marketing tool. And it'll cost you a TINY $19.95. Not a penny more!

PLUS: Order BEFORE midnight Wednesday, January 30th 2019, and we'll give you a FREE copy of Serif WebPlus SE, one of the most powerful Web design tools on the market today - PLUS a MASS of FREE Web templates as an added BONUS.

Interested? Who wouldn’t be! Then make your purchase NOW, by clicking on the below button.
Click on the button to purchase My E-mail Spider:
Prefer to pay by PayPal? Please click here.
Approximately �12.95 or 14.95 Euros. Price converted to your local currency.
Download links sent instantly. Windows & Internet Explorer required.
Still unsure? Click here to see screenshots of My E-mail Spider in action!

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BUY My E-mail Spider WITH Extract Fax Numbers - SAVE $10!

Extract Fax Numbers allows you to instantly grab thousands of fax numbers from across the Web,
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That’s right, it’s 100% FREE to send out THOUSANDS of faxes across the globe.

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